Dungeons & Dragons | Custom made user's guide

“Dungeons & Dragons”
Custom made Dungeons & Dragons user's guide - 3 books in one

Mixed media handmade book. Three books of Dungeons & Dragons "Player's Handbook", "Dungeon Master's Guide" and "Monster Manual" are originally printed and purchased copies were bounded under the same cover in one book.
Cover pages made out of wood. Designs are burned using pyrography technique.Triskelion Dragons, as well as the title sign, are cut off another piece of wood and placed onto the book. Stone border made using Easy 3Dflex and Powertex media. Book spine is made out of leather. Dragon scales are made using leather tooling technique. Internal books, separate covers, are made of painted canvas. Key-ring is made out of leather.

***One of a kind***

Mandala | Leather tobacco pouch

One folded leather tobacco pouch and lighter case


When Germany met Scotland | Photo album

"When Germany met Scotland"
Photo album


Purple Shades | Leather purse

Mushrooms | Leather tobacco pouch

Valinor Trees | Leather big size wallet

"Valinor Trees" 
Leather big size wallet


Nichterhof | Family crest wooden decorative shield

Family crest wooden decorative shield

Oversized (80 cm diameter) decorative wooden shield.
The family name is written in runes and burned onto the wood. 
The family crest cut off a second wood layer.

Odin | Wooden decoration shield

Wooden decoration shield

65 cm diameter

Wardruna | Leather tobacco poch


******** NO ORDERS AVAILABLE ********
"Wardruna" leather tobacco pouch

Kira | Dog collar

Leather dog collar

A unique leather dog collar! My first one 
Designs made using tooling and painting. The name is burned with pyrographer on a half wooden ball and attached to the collar with a screw.

And a gift for the little one of the fellowship 
A leather dog tag.


The Owl

"The Owl" 
Leather Pipe, tools and tobacco pouch

Made out of thick leather. Designs made using tooling, pyrography, and painting.
Pouch keeping a pocket for tobacco, a pocket with lid for placing a lighter, pipe's tools as well as a pipe stand. Also, there is a pocket for keeping pipe cleaners. Pipe's pocket secures using a zipper.
The pouch also has a removable and adjustable carrying strap.
Dimensions: 13 cm - 14 cm (40 cm opened) x 19 cm x 9-10 cm

For orders please contacting me at morgenland@gmail.com

Once Upon a Time

"Once Upon a Time" 
guest book

A unique, mixed media, guest book and a book stand with.

The book is keeping 25 aged sheets. Hard covers made out of wood
with a leather tooled spine. The tree is made of an extra wood layer and placed on the cover after. Worked with pyrography and engraving.
Cave house: The Door border and stairs are made of a special material called Powertex & Easy 3D flex making a kind of clay.
Fake moss, sand and stones are placed for once again, using Powertex.
The wooden door opens and closes. Initials on the door and back embossed on a metal plate.
Inside cover pages are made of painted canvas.
The wooden stand is also handmade.
For custom orders, please contacting me at morgenland@gmail.com

The Fairy & the Owl

"The Fairy & the Owl"
Leather tobacco pouch and lighter case

for order please contacting me at morgenland@gmail.com